Happy Birthday, Father Herman!

This is the sentence that I read in the recreation room of Filadelfia Community on Tuesday Evening, November, 22th, 2011. I saw the sentence on the screen that put up in one side of the room. Beside the sentence, I saw chairs, tables, sound music, and flowers there. At 08.00 o’clock p.m., the master of ceremony, Brother Lucas asked the audiences to stand up and clapped their hands because Father Herman Punda Panda was entering the room.

On the evening, our brothers of Filadelfia community celebrated the birthday of Father Herman Punda Panda. He was forty seven years old on November, 18th, 2011. As a joyful expression, our brothers take dinner together in their recreation room. They invited chiefs of Citra community, Deo Gratia, Ibrani, Gloria, Hebron, and Efrata community. Before taking dinner, they listened to father Herman’s sharing. Father Herman said, “I praise the Lord. He gives me the chance to live as His son.I try to give meaning for this grace. As a priest in seminary, I have to show good service for the seminarians. I hope the seminarians, as my brothers, help me with your prayer, so I will be successful in my service. I want to be His good servant”.

At 08.30 o’clock p.m., our brothers took dinners. They were enjoyed their dinners. After that, they sang Happy Birthday song with father Herman and they asked father to blow out candle’s birthday and share the birthday-bread for the seminarians who were presence in the party. They were very happy with this program. When Father Herman blew out the candles, the seminarians said, “Happy Birthday Father. We love you as our father”. As the end of this party, they dance together. Brother Edy played some good songs from his laptop and the seminarians danced joyfully. It was really pleasant. They danced for two hours and they went to bed at 23.00 o’clock p.m. Thank you for our communion.(Kapten.A/MN)


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