Practice of Pastoral Counseling

On Monday, October, 24th, 2011, the first year theologian student took practice of pastoral counseling in their class room with father Yoseph Nahak as their lecturer of Pastoral Counseling. The students made small groups. Each group consists of three students. Before they took practice, each group should appoint counselor, cline, and observer. Counselor tried to give good solution for cline after he shared his problem. Cline took initiative to meet counselor and shared his problem freely. Observer was asked to observe the process and evaluate it.

As I see, the students were very happy with this activity. It was very difficult, but they enjoyed it, because it’s very important for their selves in the future. Based on their TOP’s experiences, pastoral counseling is very important. As a priest and candidate priest in parish, the laymen always visit us and share their problem. In this matter, we were asked to give good solution. It means we were called as counselors.

To be good counselor, we have to try and try it much time. So the theologian students used this occasion to practice how to become a counselor. In this practice, they followed step by step that was explained by father Yos precisely.  As a counselor, we prepare ourselves well to give good solution for our cline. In the counseling, as a counselor we have to listen the sharing of our cline. After that, we process our cline by using questions. We asked him/her to find the cause of his/her problem. If only we knew the basic cause of his/her problem, we can suggest him/her to do some activities that help him/her to free from his/hers matter. In this part, I say that the process is very important in pastoral counseling, so dear friend, remember it and prepare yourself well to take this process with your cline. See you. (Kapten A)


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