Education as a Pastoral Area

On Wednesday, October 19th, 2011, four theologian seminarians, Brother Yopy Luan, Fredi Laku Mali, Dius Nahas and Anton Kapitan shared their TOP experiences for two years in educational institution. Brother Yopi Luan and Dius Nahaz underwent their pastoral practice in SMTP Bitauni, TTU whereas Brother Fredy Laku Mali and Brother Anton Kapitan were in Minor Seminary of St. Immaculate, Atambua Timor-NTT. The fourth had many experiences there. At the first time, they had problem to be a teacher. “It was one problem when I was trusted to teach English, Ethic, History, Physic and Academy for seminarians in Lalian. I realized that my lecture in University not connected with those subjects. So, I decided to stop with this duty. But, I realized to, if it was the time to study. As a priest candidate, I had to studied everything in everywhere and every time. Now, it is good time to study how to become a teacher. By this principle I was happy in my daily life as a teacher for two years”, share Brother Anton Kapitan. “I did not have any problem only in class as a teacher, but I had matters in dormitory too. As we knew, Lalian Minor Seminary has many seminarians and all of them were in adolescence, so, my friends can reflect how their lives in the dormitory were. There were matters with discipline. I was sometimes dizzy with them. It was very difficult to motivate them. But, I realized this is one area of our pastoral as a priest in the future. So, I decided to enjoy my pastoral practice in there”, told Brother Edy.

And how about experiences of Brother Diu and Yopy: are they okay? They had the same experiences as above. They were difficult to teach in class room at the first time. Something from both of them is they did not only study how to become a teacher, but also how to become a producer. For the characteristic of SMPT is agriculture development, they learned how to become a producer in agriculture with the students in three parts of agriculture, i.e.: Agriculture development, Animal Husbandry and THP (Teknologi Hasil Pertanian- Result Agriculture Technology)…. It was special knowledge for them. They got something from SMTP. We called as parts of their life skill. But both of them should remember the statement of Father Herman: “we should attend the priority aspect in our ministry. We called to serve God and men as a priest not as a producer (farmer)”. It means, we have to take care of His will and communicate it in our daily life for the people. It’s our mega-project for our life. So, don’t shift your concentration and your attention to another profession as well as a farmer, a businessman and so on, except as a priest.

Nevertheless, I think it’s not wrong, if I say: education is one pastoral area for the priests. They called to teach his wisdom for the men, especially the student. So, they understand it; believe The Lord as Creator, the Source and Estuary of their life. The priests come into education to take part in the humanization of the people. “Prepare yourselves well, dear seminarians and enjoy your pastoral education. Teach the young people (students) as good teacher like Jesus Christ, the best of the best teacher”. (Kapten A)


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