“Come and See”

On the evening of November, 1st, 2011, candidates’ priests of diocese Atambua, took a meeting with Father Okto Naif in Major Seminary of St. Michael hall. As the basic of his talking, Father Okto quoted the text of John 3:35-39. By this Holy Gospel text, the doctor of theology talked about SPKU (Sekolah Pemuridan Kristus Unggul) for the audiences.  “When the disciples asked Jesus about His home, He didn’t say something, except, ‘come and see’. He invited them and allowed them to express His live, His service, and His home directly. This is the characteristic of Jesus as a teacher. As seminarians, all of you were asked by Jesus Christ to know about Him as our High Priest. He invited us to come here and see His live, service and learn them for our future. We are called to live as alter Christ which qualified at tomorrow. To be qualified, we are obligated to know ourselves well. Here, we find ourselves and know our superiorities and weaknesses in order to take purification and have a new vision”, said father Okto.

As seminarians, we take formation in our seminary (read, SPKU). “Here, we take part in some formation, i.e.: human formation, Christian formation, formation for relationship and formation for motivation. By these, we are educated to be a good diocesan priest tomorrow”, explain the lecturer of FFA-Unwira. In the end of his talking, he taught the seminarians about the score of the words. In this point he asked the audiences to know how to love one another as disciples of Jesus Christ. In other word, he asked the seminarians to have good attitude in their daily life. (Kapten A)


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