The Spirit of Christ in Ministry

As a priest, diocesan priest is in persona Christi.  In his life and whole ministry, he has to shows Christ and His ministry to the world. So, a diocesan priest is asked to have the spirit of Christ in his life. Everything of his thinking, words and attitudes, especially his ministries are intended to appear kingdom of God.

This is concluding words of Father Herman in pastoral year sharing of theologians’ student. On September, 21st, 2011 our brothers of the first year theologian study took a sharing pastoral in their class room with father Herman. At that time, four seminarians from We’etebula Diocese, Brother Lukas Bolo Bili, Evan Riba, Tibur Mari and Lius Heribertus shared their pastoral experiences for two years in Sumba Island. Brohter Lukas, Evan and Lius shared about their experiences in parochial management. Their sharing was very attractive. Theologian seminarians were realized about the dynamic of perish life and its problem. While, brother Tibur shared his experience for two years in Sinar Buana Seminary. He said, “I was very happy. For two years, I got enough time to study in seminary. There were many things there. Before I went to seminary, I thought that it was simple for me. But, when I was there, I realized, it was very difficult to do. So, I have to be diligent and patient to do all of programs which entrust for me”.

The experiences of the forth brothers were important for seminarians. As I saw, all of theology seminarians took part well in the meeting. They got something for their selves by these sharing.  “We say thank for the 4th brothers. We hope that they and all of you will not be lazy to study and study everything from your experiences. The reason is that, the experience is the best teacher. Try to take care of Christ’s spirituality in your ministry tomorrow”, said father Herman in the end of this activity. (Kapten A)




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