To be sportive by fair playing

As a part  Family Party, the seminarians are having some out door and in door games (sports). There are foot ball, volley ball, foot sall, badminton, and table tennis games.  The seminarians do these activities well. In the afternoon of Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, they take football, volley ball, foot sall, and badminton games. Table tennis is played in the evening.

They are very happy with these matches. As a team, they are trying their best in  every match. As supporters, they shout and laugh, make comment and clap their hands to give spirit for their team. When their team makes one goal or   is successful in one match, they will be cheerful and kidding another team. Nevertheless, they play foot ball and others in friendship. They do them to take care of their health, mature their emotion, and increase their togetherness. Let’s take good sport in our daily life, dear seminarians.   (Kapten A)


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