Seminarians put out the National Flag

On Wednesday, August 17th,  2011, Seminarians of St. Michael Mayor Seminary of Penfui- Kupang put out the national flag in a ceremony of the community. Three seminarians put out the national flag while the others sang the national anthem (Indonesia Raya). They did this activity to celebrate the Indonesian Independent Day. Before, they also celebrated the sixty-sixth anniversary of Indonesia in the Mass. In the Holy Eucharist, Father Patris as celebrant asked the seminarians to live God’s Will: “Berikanlah kepada kaisar apa yang menjadi hak kaisar dan berikanlah kepada Allah apa yang menjadi hak Allah” (cf. Mt.). “If we live in this principality, it means we can show the world how we live as a good citizen and a good member of the church”, asked Father Patris.

While, in his speech on the national flag ceremony, Father Herman advised the seminarians to become patriots. “We have to imitate what have done by our hero in the past. It means, as candidates of diocesan priest, we ought to become patriots in our daily life. In another word, we are wished to defend our fatherland, our society from enemy and the other obstacle in our life”, said Father Herman. Can we live as patriot in our daily life? (Kapten A).


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